Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scrap my scraps challenge.....

The fabulous Erin Grotegut issued a challenge on her blog and invited 6 ladies to make whatever they wanted with some of her 'scraps'. I was quite lucky to be chosen to participate and anxiously awaited the mailman for days.........finally he came and I was hit smack dab in the face with pepto-pink papers with purses AND presents on them........Wow - that certainly is a challenge to incorporate all 6 pieces of paper into one project.......but I did it! It was SO much fun and I made my very first circle first ever............I never make circle cards - but this was so simple!

I was even able to make 2 cards using some of each of the 6 pieces of scrap paper........and then 2 more cards with the scraps from the about being green! LOL

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